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How do I choose what Luggage to buy?

We can tell you everything about buying luggage

So, you're in the market for some new luggage...

Here are some tips to find the perfect travel companion. Not that one, the suitcase!

What you have to consider when buying luggage


Carry-On vs. Checked bag

Do I need more space? Do I need THAT much space? Keep in mind that different airlines have their own bag restrictions that will vary depending on what level of ticket you purchased. Checked Bags are limited to 50 lbs on most domestic flights. Carry-on's cannot be taller than 22 in, including the handle and the wheels on most domestic flights.


Soft-side vs. Hard-side

Both soft- and hard-side luggage have their benefits and features unique to each style. Soft-side bags have outside pockets, hard-side cases do not. Most hard-side cases do not expand, while nearly all soft-side cases do. All hard-side cases will have built-in TSA approved locks. Hard-side cases tend to be lighter than a comparable soft-side case.


2-Wheels vs 4-Wheels

This one is easy now that 4-wheels cases dominate the industry. Almost all checked bags are only available in 4-wheels styles. Carry-on bags are available in either configuration. 2-wheel carry-ons will always give you more volume that a 4-wheel carry-on.


Pay attention to Warranties and Repairability

Most luggage comes with warranties that will not cover airline damage. Some brands like Briggs & Riley and Eagle Creek will always cover airline damage in their warranties. All the inexpensive luggage you find at department stores is not meant to be repairable, but higher end luggage is designed to be serviced and repaired. We can help you make sense of the different warranties and provide service in the event your bag does get broken or damaged.


Frequency of travel has a direct impact of wear

If you are travelling weekly, you are putting more wear on your bag than someone who only travels a couple time a year. Make the investment in something with high quality YKK zippers, heavy duty ballistic nylon or polycarbonate.


Why is luggage so expensive?

We specialize in high-quality travel gear. We offer a wide range of luggage collections at multiple price-points to ensure you're getting the best bag for your needs. Not everyone needs an expensive bag, but making the investment based on durability, warranty, color, making a matching etc, can be beneficial.


What features to look for in a new piece of luggage

Not all bags are created equal. This is definitely the case with 4-wheel bags. Look for 4-wheel cases that have two wheels at each corner. These will be much more stable when rolling around. Look for features you will find beneficial, such as a built-in garment bag, multiple grab handles, tall pull handles, extra zippered pockets inside or outside.

Buying luggage is a personal experience and we aim to make it as easy as possible

It is so simple to buy luggage today with the reach of the web and the cluster of sites that offer luggage in all sizes and shapes and colors. Just a few clicks and your luggage is on the way to you, but is that the right way to buy luggage? After a few minutes of shopping the plethora of brands and options and opinions, it becomes clear that buying luggage is not as easy as one would think.

And even after considering all the options, wouldn’t it be best to touch the luggage before buying? We think so. Consumer reports surveyed 65,000 members and here is what they said: “The respondents told us that wheelability and durability are among the most important factors to consider when purchasing luggage. In fact, according to more than 27,000 members who rated their suitcases, satisfaction with its durability turned out to be the greatest predictor of overall satisfaction.” Testing durability or wheelability through a keyboard is impossible.

When you travel away from your home in the Denver area, that is when poorly designed or poorly manufactured luggage breaks. Luggage doesn’t break when stored under the bed at home.

Imagine flying to Europe and plan on traveling by train for a few days, then discovering your luggage has a broken wheel or handle, or worse yet, a nonfunctioning zipper. Durability just moved to the top of your list.

It's best to see the bag you want in person

We truly believe shopping for luggage in-person is far superior to simply hitting the buy button on any website. In fact, we feel it is the only way to buy luggage in Denver. And, we feel you should talk to luggage experts and test the important consideration before buying luggage in any store.

We know the bags better than anyone

When you shop with Paradise Baggage, we show you the wheelability, the functionality of each, and every pocket. We discuss the durability and explain why a one-wheel system or handle system is different from another. We ensure the handle length fits your body style – ever see a tall person hunched over pulling a wheeled case through the airport? We walk you through zippers and how to position them while traveling to minimize chance of a potential breakdown. We let you test with four-wheel and two-wheel cases over concrete and carpet so you can tell the difference and we will do everything we can to match what’s best to your travel habits, inside and outside of the Denver area. We will show you packing techniques that will help maximize the space for your personal items.

Let us walk you through everything

We will demonstrate the functionality of expandable luggage and how some is very reliable and clever, while others can be more of a gimmick. We will discuss warranties and how some are far better than others (we know the fine print). We will answer any questions you have about luggage and travel accessories. And we will meet or beat that price you saw on the web before all the confusion set in.

Luggage 101

Listen to the Experts

They also recommend the top brands we carry: Briggs and Riley, Tumi, and Eagle Creek to name a few. One thing they didn’t address is the ability to have luggage repaired in the event of airline damage. We deal with repairs for all brands, and you should only purchase luggage that can be repaired. Many private label brands are discontinued after a year or two rendering your luggage impossible to repair. There are lots of reasons for you to come see us and let us help you with your purchase of luggage in the Denver area. One thing we promise is you will be far more knowledgeable after a visit to Paradise Baggage. There is never any pressure to buy because we are here to help.

Consumer Reports Makes the Following Suggestions for Buying Luggage:

  • Hold and use the handle

    Test it for durability and reliability and ease of use

  • Choose: Hard-side or Soft-side

    Select hard-side or soft-side and consider your personal packing style and where and how you are going to pack

  • Bring a tape measure

    Bring a tape measure to measure bags and to ensure the size meets airline regulations for your flight. Include handles and wheels when you measure.

  • Examine the wheels

    Check how wheels are mounted for durability. Are they recessed? Are the wheels big enough to roll well?

  • Look for high quality zippers

    Pay attention to zippers, Look for coiled zippers, they are self-healing. Most bags use YKK zippers.

Luggage 101

We want you to be happy with your purchase and your experience

We stand behind what we sell and the work that we do. If anything is not to your satisfaction, we will make it right!

"I sure wish I would've taken the time to find this store before throwing away time looking at department stores because Paradise Baggage is the only place I will have to go to for luggage from now on! They carry many options for the best brands but also do repair work, which includes direct repair for Travelpro and Briggs & Riley. The store is spacious and clean, and Mike is very knowledgeable and was such a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend saving yourself time and going right to Paradise for any luggage and travel needs!"