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NOTICE: repairs can take up to 3+ weeks due to the high volume we are receiving

Do you have some Broken Baggage?

We are a Full Service Luggage Repair Center

What you need to know about our Repair Services


We can fix almost anything...

While we do our best to make your bag functional again, occasionally, that's not possible. Sometimes a bag is damaged beyond repair, or there's no more parts available for your bag. Please keep that in mind when contacting us or when bringing your bag in for evaluation. If we can't complete a repair to make your bag functional, we do have a trade-in offer you can take advantage of to replace your bag!


Warranties are not all created equal....

Most bags on the market come with very bare bones "Limited" warranties. These types of warranties cover defects in materials or construction, but not wear-and-tear, cosmetic damage or externally caused damage. Some manufacturers, like Briggs & Riley and Eagle Creek, give you a guarantee that if anything breaks on your bag, you can have the peace of mind it will be fixed, regardless of what caused the damage.


Need your Bag fixed fast?

We do offer a rush service. For an extra fee per bag (in addition to any other repair fees), we will get your bag fixed within 1-2 business days. As long as we have the parts and materials on hand needed to complete the repair, the Rush Service is an option.


We don't just repair luggage!

Do you have a guitar case that needs a new latch? Or a golf bag that needs a zipper repaired because a squirrel ate through it to get to your snacks? Does your leather brief need some reconditioning? We can perform repairs on almost any bag made. Give us a call or stop in with your item and we will go over what we can do and how much it will cost.


We only repair bags, we do not clean them

While we would love to be able to make your 20-year-old grey nylon bag look new again, we are not able to do that. We fix bags so they are functional again. If you want to get your bag cleaned, start with your favorite dry cleaner or upholstery cleaning company for guidance.


If the airline breaks your bag, FILE A CLAIM!

If you are flying within the United States and the airline physically damages your baggage or its contents, they are legally liable for that damage and must offer you compensation. Always examine your baggage when it comes off the carousel and if you find something wrong, go to the baggage claim office to file a claim before you leave the airport.

Pricing for our most common repairs

  • Wheel Repairs
    Wheel repairs start at $55 for the first wheel, $40 for each additional wheel. Riveted housings have an extra fee.
  • Zipper Pulls
    Replacement zipper pulls are $10 each. We will try to match color, brand and style as best as possible
  • Pull Handle
    Retractable pull handle repairs start at $75 for a replacement handle, when available. If no parts are available, we can try to rebuild the handle system for $100.
  • Carry Handles
    Carry handle repairs for the top or side carry handles are $50 per handle.
  • Stitching
    All stitching repairs start at $45. We will give you an estimate once we have looked over your bag.
  • Zipper Sliders
    Zipper sliders (what open and close the zipper) that are broken or missing, can be replaced for $40 each.
  • Zipper Slider Restart
    Zipper sliders that have come off the track or zippers that are split or misaligned, can be repaired for $25 per affected location on the bag. Stitching is extra.
  • TSA Lock Repair
    If your TSA lock needs to be picked and reset, the fee is $25. If your integrated TSA lock needs to be replaced, the fee would be $50

We can do much more. Stop in so we can look over your bag and give you an estimate.

We Are an Authorized Warranty Repair Location for the Following Brands:

We Are an Authorized Warranty Repair Location for the Following Brands:

Skip the Long Wait and Have Your Travel Bags Repaired in Denver

Our travel bag repair technicians have years of proven experience under their belts. Whether you need your Eagle Creek backpack or Briggs & Riley suitcase repaired, Paradise Baggage has a proven track record of exemplary work in Denver. No need to find the time to ship your bags to the manufacturer, wondering how long it will be until you get it back. When you choose us for the repairs, you can expect a much shorter wait time.

Our Denver Travel Bag Repair Specialists Are Second to None

The last thing you want to be worrying about as you’re headed to the Denver airport is whether the repairs to your luggage are going to hold up on your trip. You’ve invested in the best brand of luggage for your traveling needs; shouldn’t you have the same high standards when it comes to repairs in Denver? At Paradise Baggage Company, our travel bag repair specialists work with precision and care to ensure your TUMI carry-on or Briggs & Riley backpack is ready to go the next time you need to leave Denver.

Denver’s Choice Luggage and Backpack Repair Shop

When you’re in a rush to catch your flight out of Denver or hit the road, the last thing you want to be dealing with is a broken zipper or wheel on your suitcase. You might have a high-end brand of luggage, but eventually, you’ll have to have something repaired. While most luggage brands have limited warranties and handle repairs in-house, Paradise Baggage Company can save you a significant amount of time by completing the repairs on your travel bags right here in Denver.

Luggage Baggage Repair Center
Luggage Baggage Repair Center

Check out this review by one of our repair customers:

"Had them repair a Victorinox -Swiss Army Wheeled luggage. They did the repair in a week or so. To my surprise they covered the repair under the bags lifetime warranty. Very nice shop on South Broadway. One of the hidden gems in Denver. Very nice shop!"