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There are few travel accessories as iconic and as sturdy like the German-made Rimowa. To our Denver travelers, we are proudly offering our selection of first-class and sleek Rimowa luggage and Rimowa bags. When the luggage carousel comes around, Rimowa is easy to distinguish. It has vibrantly pearlescent coloring with the kind of metallic ridges that speak sophistication, self-awareness, and style. Rimowa is known around the world for one of the most durable, sturdy, and iconic rolling luggage and it's available in Denver’s premier luggage store.


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"Absolutely wonderful experience. I'd taken a piece of luggage to another company prior only for it to fail. From picking up my luggage today I can tell already the craftsmanship is on another level and it will last . Krystal and Dave are both very professional and knowledgeable. And I will return here again and recommend Paradise to my co-workers."

Rimowa Bags and Rimowa Luggage for Denver’s Travelers

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, Rimowa is the high-end luggage brand guaranteed to make sure you arrive in total style, comfort, and mobility wherever you go. Rimowa gives the traveler professional German engineering to Denver’s worldwide adventurers and travelers, and Paradise Baggage has your access to this great line of traveling accessories. At our Denver luggage store, we have the updates for your next expedition, and, with Rimowa, you carry an iconic brand with you.

Rimowa Rolling Luggage for Denver’s Travelers

Rivaling our lineup of Swiss luggage, German engineers at Rimowa offer unprecedented compact mobility and toughness. Paradise Baggage is bringing Denver travelers full access to this German staple of ideal traveling engineering. Rimowa is as technically impressive as it is aesthetically pleasing; it blends the sleekness of a Mercedes with candidly 50’s retro flash. Our Denver store offers Rimowa’s Topas collection featuring a tough aluminum-magnesium shell with style that lasts from departure to touchdown.

Stride Smoothly with Rimowa’s Rolling Luggage

At Denver’s own Paradise Baggage, we give you access to terrific German engineering for your next expedition. Rimowa’s versatile, compact, and mobile high-end luggage is available at our Englewood location just outside of Denver. If you’re looking to update your traveling experience with iconic, sturdy, and mobile luggage, we have the most reliable choices of luggage for you at our Denver location. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or new to adventuring around the world, Rimowa will keep your possessions secure through it all.

Travel in Style with Paradise Baggage

Visit our store in Englewood outside of Denver to view our excellent selection of stylish, ergonomic, and durable traveling accessories. From fashion-forward luggage to laid-back carry-ons, we have designer styles at affordable prices to match your character. If you’re looking to upgrade your travel equipment, Paradise Baggage has the right accessories for you. Our selection will add a serious edge to your business attire and total versatility to your adventurous spirit. Paradise Baggage has the right styles to match your traveling outfit, so come and check out our store in Englewood or contact us with any questions.