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Luggage Repair

Denver’s Choice Luggage and Backpack Repair Shop

From backpack repair to total luggage repair, our luggage repair shop is there to get your old or broken traveling equipment back to performing its best. We have served the Denver area for over three decades, and we’ve been in the luggage retail and repair business for over four decades. We specialize in getting your equipment repaired, reconditioned, and refurbished back to its original and usable shape. Stop by in our Denver location for a free estimate on the repair cost. We look forward to being Denver’s choice luggage repair shop.

The Paradise Family has been in Denver providing high quality luggage retail and repair business since 1977. In 1977 we manufactured industrial luggage, trunks and footlockers. We’ve opened various businesses across Denver, and we are proudly offering our luggage repair center to you. We can repair most suitcases, musical instrument cases, sporting equipment bags, golf bags, and virtually anything involving industrial sewing. For four decades, our Denver based luggage and suitcase repair has had your traveling accessories back to looking their absolute best.

Free Repair Estimates with Paradise Baggage in Denver

There is never a charge for an estimate of repairs at our Denver store. We take our time and make sure repairs are done right the first time. We’ll stand behind our repairs until your equipment is looking near-new. We communicate with you throughout the entire repair process to ensure your job is being taken care of and is completed on time. We have the experience and the tools to perform repairs on almost any suitcase, luggage, backpack, case, and cover.

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We are Denver’s Suitcase Repair Specialists

For over four decades, our specialists have performed repairs on all sorts of equipment. From industrial-sewn carrier bags to children’s backpacks, we offer our professional services to perform almost any suitcase repair. No job is too small, cosmetic, or structurally tough enough for our repair specialists. If you have a suitcase you’d like to bring back to life again, stop by at Paradise Baggage in Denver for a free estimate on your repair.

Travel in Style with Paradise Baggage

Visit our store in Englewood outside of Denver to view our excellent selection of stylish, ergonomic, and durable traveling accessories. From fashion-forward luggage to laid-back carry-ons, we have designer styles at affordable prices to match your character. If you’re looking to upgrade your travel equipment, Paradise Baggage has the right accessories for you. Our selection will add a serious edge to your business attire and total versatility to your adventurous spirit. Paradise Baggage has the right styles to match your traveling outfit, so come and check out our store in Englewood or contact us with any questions.