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I have worked with the Paradise family since retiring from public education in 2007. After 32 years as a principal, teacher, and coach I have fully enjoyed being part of the luggage business. I am "Uncle Dave” (to Jenni) and the father of three adult daughters and four grandkids. I enjoy my semi-retirement working part-time, supporting the Broncos and Colorado Rockies and traveling.

My wife Lisa and I have traveled north to Alaska; backpacked Italy; traveled the south pacific to Fiji, New Zealand and Australia all in the past two years. I love meeting people, talking about travel and helping you with what works best in your journeys, whether for business or pleasure. I will work with you to understand your needs and will go the extra mile to help you find the perfect travel accessory.

Jenni’s comments: Uncle Dave might be semi-retired, but he has taken on the Herculean responsibility of working with our vendors on warranty issues to ensure our clients get the benefit of the doubt on any repair needs. His “customer first” attitude helps solve warranty issues in the debate of airline damage versus manufacturer responsibility. In addition, Dave shares his travel knowledge and experiences with customers to help them find that right piece to make their travel more enjoyable.


Born into the world of retail is the best way to describe me. I remember from a very young age sitting at the dinner table with my parents and two older brothers discussing…luggage. It wasn’t until 2006 when I joined our family business that I became hooked on retailing. I started working at our Cherry Creek store location and after a year moved into our corporate office. I have handled everything from being on the sales floor to engraving to a Regional Manager.

In 2015 when my Dad mentioned getting back into the luggage industry, I knew it would be a lot of work in addition to my current responsibilities but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get back to the roots of our family owned business. The Paradise Baggage Company was born in April 2015, and I have loved every second of getting the business up and running. We are surrounded by amazing people like Krystal, Ray, Baneza and my uncle, Dave. They are all so professional and true travel experts. I learn something new from them all the time! And I think it goes without saying but the most influential “teacher” has been my dad, Pete Paradise. I had no idea the impact those family dinner conversations would have on me, and I couldn’t be more thankful for them to lead me to where I am today.

Pete’s Comments: Where do I begin, watching my “little girl” mature into a mother, wife and successful business owner in an industry that I spent most of my adult life enjoying. And, I get to be involved with her almost on a daily basis. Jenni has a natural way with customers, and it is rewarding to watch them become friends, spread the word and participate in store events. Jenni has an eye for product and a solid business sense that shows in the displays and selections in the store. Sue and I are proud parents (and grandparents).


I started in the baggage industry in 1985 in New Mexico and moved to Colorado in 1992 when I went to work for Pete at Colorado Baggage, first as a part-time employee, then eventually as the manager of the Park Meadows Colorado Baggage store. I have enjoyed working with travelers for almost 35 years.

I love to travel, and I love to hear about my client’s great trip's that take them far away and keep them closer to home. I do not believe that a "great trip" has to be a long or far away trip; it can be a simple as a night or two at the Broadmoor. Mostly I travel on personal/family adventures with Eagle Creek check through sizes or Tumi carry on pieces. I love traveling and especially enjoy trips where I can ski or hear live music.

Jenni’s Comments: Krystal is our luggage expert when it comes fitting luggage to our client’s needs. She is patient, and she really cares about her clients. Never in a rush, and never with a pushy sales approach, she will take the time to go over every detail that will make travel more enjoyable. She has won many vendor awards for her professionalism and her caring about customers.

During the spring and summer, you will probably find flowers from her garden throughout the store.


I started in the luggage business in 1977 when Sue and I purchased the Atlas Luggage Company. We were Denver’s trunk and custom case makers, a business that is now owned by Sue’s sister and brother-in-law, Les and Randy Sabey. We learned a lot about case making, materials and the talented labor needed to make quality cases. With an appreciation for best-of-class luggage and business cases, we started Colorado Baggage focusing on quality cases made by the leading manufacturers of the day. I have been in love with the luggage business ever since and have never compromised our appetite for quality goods. Over the years we participated in many luggage trade associations, and it was only natural that we get back into the luggage business when Jenni suggested we open a luggage store and repair facility on South Broadway. I am very proud of Jenni’s store and her mission to provide outstanding customer service, quality luggage, and accessories in a relaxed shopping environment. My travels are now retirement-related and I prefer to carry-on, usually with a Rimowa or Tumi piece and a Tumi backpack. When we travel to the east coast for extended stays, we pull out the checking pieces (Tumi, Rimowa and/or Briggs and Riley) and pack up for every possible condition. Favorite places to visit on the east coast: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. Those same checking pieces have accompanied me to China, Germany, Scotland, and Italy. Good luggage is like a good friend; they stay with you through lots of life’s adventures.


I am the ‘”old guy” in the back of the luggage store surrounded by tools and sewing equipment older than me. I started repairing luggage at Meek's luggage in 1963 where I worked for 40 years before becoming part of Colorado Baggage.

I was the lead repairperson at CB while they were located at 24th and Curtis. I joined Pete and Jenni when they opened the new Paradise Baggage. My wife and I don't travel a lot, but we do enjoy an occasional trip to Vegas to visit friends and try our luck.

Jenni’s Comments: Ray doesn’t give himself enough credit about his career in repairing luggage, handbags, golf bags, musical instrument cases and anything that involves leather, sewing, riveting or gluing. He is respected as one of the most talented luggage and leather goods repairman in the country. Other luggage repairmen often call Ray for those most difficult repairs and reconstruction of valued family air loom pieces. Ray is now helping train Baneza the art of luggage repair.


I have always enjoyed working with my hands whether it be puzzles, arts and crafts, crocheting or restoring furniture. When I saw Paradise Baggage was hiring, it seemed like a natural fit to interview and see if this might be a way to “work with my hands” as a career. I started in Novemberof 2018 and have already learned so much about the repair process. I enjoy fixing luggage and working with customers on how we can best repair their item whether it be luggage, instrument cases or purses.

Jenni’s comments: I was so happy when we found Baneza! Right from our very first conversation, I knew she would be a wonderful addition to our Paradise Baggage team. Baneza is a hard worker and loves trying to solve repair issues. She is a very fast learner and has picked up the art of repairing luggage very quickly. Ray enjoys teaching Baneza the skills she needs to do repairs and enjoys sharing his passion for luggage and leather repair with Baneza.


I was born in Perth Western Australia and moved to the United States in 1972. I have three children and six grandchildren. I started my career with luggage and travel at the Colorado Baggage Company in the old Southglenn location and then was the Assistant Manager at the Park Meadows store in 19…. I have been with Paradise Baggage since October of 2017 and truly love my job, meeting and assisting customers with their travel needs and luggage repairs.

Jenni’s comments: I could listen to Susan talk all day long with her lovely Australian accent. She offers top notch customer service with her patience and ability to handle all travel and repair needs. Susan loves to be busy and is always looking for the next project to help keep the store organized and running smooth. She is full of new ideas which I always look forward to hearing what she has some up with next.